Which loan providers give legitimate loans?

Are online credits serious?

Serious loans: After seeing a lot of advertising for different credit providers on various platforms, including Facebook, we took a closer look at them. We had to realize that by no means all of these providers are serious. We link in the table only to reputable providers, which are also arranged chronologically, without rating. Information on stand October 2018.

Anyone who wants immediate comparison of only reputable loans, finds this here:
Serious loans with top conditions
In the comments at the bottom of the page you can tell us your own experiences with credit providers, which we should check. We will then find out about them and include them in the table if necessary, so they can help fewer people fall victim to loan sharks!

In many of the dubious cases we find extremely negative customer experiences, the demand for advance payments and other typical features of dubious providers. Especially loans on the Internet can be problematic here.

So that our users do not fall for the mesh of dubious online loans, we have listed in the table our assessments of the seriousness of the various providers. At the same time, we consciously only link to those providers who, in our opinion, provide reputable loans. The problematic credit providers are meant to be more of a warning.

How do you recognize dubious and find reputable loans?

How do you recognize dubious and find reputable loans?

  • Vendors who make reputable loans never demand prepayments.
  • The best way to search for authentic user experiences on Google etc.
  • Lenders with a well-known name can be trusted in many cases too – these comparisons we check in our credit comparison
  • ALWAYS check the website for the imprint to see where the company is located.
  • If you are unsure, also take the name of the company behind the website from the imprint and googles.

How does a dubious loan work?

How does a dubious loan work?

Which is why we keep pointing out that reputable lenders actually never charge any costs, for the following reason: A dubious loan often works in such a way that actually no credit or loan is brokered.

That is, the actual fraud takes place here before each credit intermediation – usually it is so that the customer is stolen in the first place, the said advance payment. A loan is not given at all. A dubious loan usually works in such a way that certain details are hidden in the small print of the contracts. You often pay to try to arrange a loan, but you have no guarantee that an arrangement will take place.

Often the alleged credit intermediaries then hold out until every callback right has expired from the borrower, after which one is ignored and has hardly any criminal handling, since everything was written in the contract that was signed.

Credit Fraud What to Do – View Credit Fraud

Credit Fraud What to Do - View Credit Fraud

But what to do if it is already too late and you have committed to a dubious intermediary? At this point, we have put together a number of links to the main points of contact.

Federal Association of Consumer Affairs
The first point of contact is actually always the consumer center. This can not only give a first legal advice but above all give clear instructions for the further procedure and the handling with the loan shark. In many cities, the Consumer Center also has branches to go directly to.

Consumer Service eV
With the consumer service eV one can report directly online fraud cases, in order to protect also other humans from the same fate. In addition, there is also an emergency number, where you can get advice.

If you get involved in dubious deals, this could be an indication that you have a lot of trouble keeping up with your own money. In these cases the debt counseling of the associations can help.

Dubious Loans: Popular Locking Methods

Dubious Loans: Popular Locking Methods

Private credit-free loans for everyone

We just say it here as it is: A credit without Private credit, which everyone can get, plus on good terms – it does not exist. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciously lending to borrowers with bad credit ratings and perhaps a problematic background with regard to past loans would not make any economic sense for any bank.

Smaller loans, often used to promote this type of offer, are generally not particularly profitable for the banks, and in many cases, it is all about promoting good, small loans and loans to loyal customers, and then maybe later to take a high building loan or the like. And of course, these later borrowers should have a good credit rating.

This does not mean, however, that a Private credit entry directly seals the end of the loan search. Because you can get a loan despite Private credit quite well, there are some providers who try to examine the cases as possible in detail and so help people to get a loan that may have in terms of Private credit not completely white vest – to counts about CrediMaxx. Here, however, one must expect in some cases, with slightly higher interest rates.

Are online credits serious?

In principle, the same rules and warnings apply to the handling of loans on the Internet, which have already been described in general terms above. As I said, one should, of course, surprisingly good conditions, at very low interest rates or if credits are advertised independently of entries in the Private credit, be suspicious.
In general, there are quite a lot of serious online loans and if you stick to the big providers and to our seriousness check, you do not have to worry.

Based on which criteria do we check loan providers?

To assess whether a lender is trustworthy, we spend a lot of time researching the providers, which are often leaked to us by users of our website. The way to a final assessment can be very different, but there are some criteria that we always consider.

1. Is there an imprint or what is the information about the provider?

The first look is usually the imprint (if this does not exist so that the review in principle already over) on the website of the provider. Are all details correct here? And where is the provider behind the website? Warning signs are here about if the website is German, but the provider is sitting in a completely different country and therefore not registered in Germany. Of course, there should of course be the opportunity to contact with the current phone number and email address.
reputable loans
Example of a correct imprint

2. What other information is there about the provider?

Our research also includes that we take a closer look at the company indicated in the imprint. If, for example, a company operates three credit pages that actually only differ in appearance, this is not illegal at the same time, but it does not seem legitimate either. In extreme cases, we have also discovered warnings of consumer protection or past fraud cases of some companies.

3. Does the website altogether respectable?

The website should provide a detailed legal notice, the exact terms of the loans and full terms and conditions ( terms and conditions ). There are many credit pages that contain little information and only consist of very few subpages. That, too, tends to make us more suspicious. A first indication of a problematic provider can also be a large number of spelling and grammatical errors, which of course looks very unprofessional. Often these pages have simply been translated by a program into bad German and the provider is sitting abroad somewhere.

If the German is extremely stilted or even completely grammatically wrong and interspersed with spelling mistakes, you should definitely take distance from a loan request

4. Are you working with “fake testimonials” or spurious seals?

Unfortunately, a now quite common method on the Internet are the so-called “fake testimonials”. That is, on the website photos of any people are packed and this is written by the company itself a “report of experience”, which leaves the respective company, of course, extremely positive. This gives the impression that there are serious loans here. Most of these reports are easily identifiable by the writing style and the very posed photos.
Some companies go further and think of themselves any prizes or seals of quality that they are supposed to have been awarded to gain the trust of potential customers. So if we discover a seal of approval on a website we do not know, we’ll check if it has any legitimacy at all.

A clear indication of a fake in this case: Usually normal customers do not write a copyright sign behind a brand name (MasterCard)

5. Is the offer or the conditions realistic?

No real loan provider assigns loans over 10,000 euros to tiny interest rates without a Private credit information or to obtain information about entries in the Private credit or a credit check. If a provider claims this, it will immediately be suspiciously and more closely examined in our eyes. You should also be aware if the conditions are many times better than with all other credit providers. Often there is a catch somewhere.

What makes reputable credit providers?

Although the needs of the consumer are also largely dependent on this, there are a few points on which one can orient oneself as regards reputable loans:

No initial costs

As I said before, when we ask for a loan, we are a sign of non-serious intermediaries. The consumer should not have to pay 400 euros just because a provider has directed a loan request to a few banks – if he has ever done that.

Term and interest

For a good provider, the relationship between the amount of the loan, the term and the interest rates is transparent. These include, inter alia, a representative credit example and easily viewable terms and conditions.

Quick way from request to payout

Of course, a good provider also requires a speedy processing of the loan application. If all documents are correct and provided by the applicant, a loan should be in the bank account in one to two weeks maximum.

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