Quick Loans for Everyone

Attractive offers of quick loans make that Poles more and more often decide to make a commitment for holidays, household appliances or a school layette for a child. How do lending companies verify customers? How can you receive additional funds quickly?

How to get a quick loan?

How to get a quick loan?

There are a lot of companies on the Polish market offering attractive offers of quick loans to customers. Many of them can be enlisted even without leaving your home, just complete the application online and wait for the decision – it is now a very popular form of incurring liabilities. Companies that offer so-called home service, which consists in the fact that the customer receives money directly to the hand. The loan application specifies your personal details, amount of earnings, the number of dependents and the amount of monthly liabilities. Many companies also require a certificate of earnings from the workplace, but this is not a prerequisite for all institutions that provide loans. Of course, loan companies first check the credibility of the client in detail, eg by verifying BIK and KRD. If our credit history is positive, we can get the money back to your account in just over a dozen minutes.

Loans without BIK and KRD – is it possible?

Loans without BIK and KRD - is it possible?

And what to do if we have unpaid bills or fines on our account? Is it possible to take a minute without verification at BIK? Such offers really exist and are very popular among people who can not boast of positive scoring. The waiting time for cash varies here depending on the company – from 15 to 60 minutes, so it’s almost instant solution. A loan without KRD can be drawn without any additional income certificates, which is a great help for people who can not document their creditworthiness, clients employed in the so-called gray zone or on civil law contracts. The liabilities amount in the range from PLN 100 to 5,000. In many cases, there is also the possibility of extending the repayment period – usually for an additional fee.