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We have multiplied recently both companies providing weekend pay, promotion for new customers and increased limits from which they can take advantage. Today I decided to take on the topic related to the promotion of payday for PLN 0. Specifically, companies in which we will receive PLN 1000 as the first minute for free.

A few years ago, getting a fine of 1000 zlotys was reserved practically only for regular customers of a given company. What once more competition in this market, caused that this amount we can get today at the first loan. What’s the best, however, we can borrow it completely free of charge, provided we are a customer of a given company.

1. Manyporfel

I will start with companies in which we will get even more than PLN 1000 with the first loan. One of such companies is Manyporfel which offers up to PLN 1,500 as part of the first loan. Best of all – not only with a 30-day repayment period but also a 45-day repayment period. Obtaining a loan in a company is possible provided we are 21 and we are no more than 70 years old and we have an ID card. Recently, the company has a special Instantor service which does not require sending a penny from a bank account to verify a bank account.

2. MetLoan

In MetLoan, we will get an even larger loan amount than in Manyporfel. As part of the first loan, the company offers a loan of up to PLN 2,000 to its new clients, but with a traditional 30-day repayment period. We can apply for a loan at MetLoan if we are over 20 years old and have no debts. Such would be recorded in popular debtors’ registers such as Erif or KRD.

3. Hypocredit

The first minute is also available for free from Hypocredit. We can get up to PLN 1,600 with the first loan and without incurring any additional costs, provided that we fit in a 30-day loan repayment period. People who are over 20 years old, have an ID card and are not indebted to debtors and BIKs can apply for a loan.


Another company in which the first minute is available for free in the amount of PLN 1000 with a repayment period of 30 days and for a total of PLN 0 is Via SMS. A company that has been operating in the payday market for several years. This is the first company in this list that grants loans to people over 18 years of age. So, to get 1000 zlotys with a 30-day repayment period, it is enough that we have a personal ID card, have a fixed income and do not have the status of a person in debt.


Express Coffee machine also has a very decent amount to offer with the first loan because it can reach up to PLN 1,500. We can get such a loan with a 30-day repayment period, provided that they meet the conditions set by the company. Persons from the age of 21 to 70 can apply for it and are not registered in the databases of the National Debt Register.

6. Stedy

At Stedy, we have the chance to get up to PLN 1,000 as part of the first loan without any additional fees. The company does not have too much requirements for its clients because it is enough to be 18 years old and no negative entries in the debtors’ databases. No positive credit history at BIK is required to obtain the first loan for free.

7. Asel Credit

Also in Asel Credit we will find the offer of the first loan for PLN 0. As a new client, we can apply for a loan in the amount of PLN 1,000. 21 years are required to obtain the loan and a positive credit history in BIG.

8. Duper Gross

In this juxtaposition Duper Gross is the newest thing because the company debuted on the domestic loan market in fact just a few months ago. At the first loan, we can already apply for 1000 PLN if we pass the verification positively. Conditions imposed on the company are 18 years of age and possession of an ID card, bank account and mobile phone.

9. Hillarium

Up to PLN 1000 as part of the first loan and it is free for us in the company in Hillarium and the period in which we will have to pay the loan will be 30 days. Hillarium grants loans to people who are over 20 years of age and have permanent residence in the territory of Poland.

10. Money Yes

Money Yes is the last company in today’s ranking in which the first minute is available for free 0 PLN and even up to 1500 PLN. Provided, however, that earlier we did not use the promotion of loans for PLN 0 in any other company belonging to Zaloan, ie, for example, Express Cash or Ofin. The main condition for obtaining a loan is the age from 21 to 70 years old and the lack of debts in the KRD.

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